Digital Workplace, Flexible & Agile Working, Workplace Transformation

Placeholder site for Workmodes Consulting, a dormant company not currenty trading or active.

What we do

Specialising in Digital Workplace and Flexible Working, we offer consultancy services that help you to: build the strategy and business case; develop your collateral to reach launch readiness; deliver education and training to your people; and roll out solutions and culture change . We can do this on an end-to-end basis, but are just as happy to provide more focussed short packages around specific elements or act as a critical-friend to cast an experienced eye over your plans. 

Why Workmodes

The Workmodes business consulting team have more than a theoretical knowledge in the area of Flexible Working, having been involved in Digital Workplace and Dynamic Working for over two decades. As practitioners, they have sponsored and delivered some of the largest and most successful deployments across Europe, and  as consultants have worked with over 100 clients to establish new ways of working.

What is the Digtal Workplace

The Digital Workplace is one where technology combines with flexible work spaces to deliver a consistently great experience for your people irrespective of where on your estate, or elsewhere, they are. A workplace where the environment enhances work people do and where a digitally literate  and agile workforce can respond quickly to the challenges of this digital age. There are huge benefits to working in this way.